Awright, mate, so ye dinnae what "Trainspotting" gadge ye are, aye? Take the loupin quiz tae find oot, likesay. Nae git ootay here, ye plukey-faced wanker!

You could be described as:

One sick fuck.

A bit of random information about you:

You're a vegetarian.
You're still in school.
You're homophobic.
You've got a pornography video of you and your significant other.
You're obsessed with films.
You've made a mess of your significant other's kitchen.

On your free time, you:

See Iggy Pop concerts.
Go to clubs.
Watch football.
Obsess over Sean Connery.
Pick fights.

Your view on drugs:

They're shite, man!
I'm quitting. Well, after my last hit.
Yes, please.
I used to be against them...
I'd never do anything hardcore. That's just too dangerous.
You haven't got any speed, have you?

You've once said:

"Anyone in my way gets it, fucking gets it. Everybody hear that? Everybody happy?"
"Well, what's wrong, boy? Cat got your tongue?"
"Face it, it could have been wonderful."
"I love people. All people. Even people that no one else loves, I think they're OK, you know."
"Doesn't it make you proud to be Scottish?"
"I'm getting on with life. What are you doing?"

Which would you rather listen to?

New Order.
Iggy Pop.
You know, whatever, like.
Fuck off, you doss cunt!
David Bowie.
Lou Reed.

What are you obsessed with?

Sean Connery.
Getting shagged.
Music, films, football...whatever.
Mark Renton.
Ah'm no a fuckin' poof, ye ken? Piss off!

In the end, you:

Run away.
Find a boyfriend.
Get angry.
Get screwed (metaphorically).
Get money.