Are You
1. Your preferences:

I like women!
I like men!
I like animals!
I like my pocket rocket!
I like sex!

2. What is your opinion of cucumbers?

A fine anal tool
My best friend
A yummy vegetable
I don't do cucumbers. I'm a carnivore.

3. Women's magazines:
Make me feel at home
Make me have sexual fantasies with the print ads
Make me wish for a whole new wardrobe
Make me wonder about the 101 *NEW* ways to please my lover
Cause projectile vomiting

4. Your underwear drawer:

Is mostly full of white briefs
Thongs baby and g-strings, baby
A little of everything, including that scary pair from 1989
Boxers or boy cut panties

5. "Turn up the radio… _____ is on!"

Alicia Keyes
David Bowie
Ani Difranco

6. What do you put on your hotdog?

Ketchup, mustard, pickles, onions, the works!
I rather eat fish.
I'm a vegetarian. Is it a soy dog?
Another hotdog.

7. What do you think about lumberjacks?

Mountain men scare me.
Sexy bastards.
Flannel. What a fashion statement!
I wish they had breasts.

8. Your favorite celebrity is:

George Michael
Anne Heche
Rosie O'Donnell
Tom Cruise

9. It's time for coffee. You order:

One coffee, black
A small skim latte, two Equals
Something decadent like a chocolate cappuccino
Anything with whipped cream…. Mmmmm!

10. Your ideal vacation:

San Francisco
New York Fuckin' City


10. The above women are:

Sexy - I love a bald head on boys and girls
Looking for me to join in