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Alittle about Me...

Im 24 years old. I love spending time with frineds just chillin and hangin out. My puppy Sativa is a year old. Marley&Daisy are my lil kitties they are my newest addition to my family.

Im a student at SCSU, Art Education is my major. Im done this year, kinda scary how fast the real world creeps up on ya.

R A N D O M       F A C T S
Name = Melissa
Birthday = March 22 1978
Piercings = 10
Tattoos = 6
Height = 5'9"
Shoe Size = 9
Hair Color = Blonde
Length = Long curly
Siblings = 2 sisters, 1 step-brother
Pets = Marley & Daisy - kittens, Sativa - dog
Movie you rented = I don't rent movies
Movie you bought = Dazed and Confused
Song you listened to = Sweet Melissa by Allman Brothers
Song that was stuck in your head = Complicated by Avril
Last song you've downloaded = Castles in the Sky
Last CD you bought = Pink
Last CD you listened to = a mix CD
Last person you last called = Roommate at work
Last person that has called you = my friend Kristin
TV show you've watched = Simpsons
Person you were thinking of = my lil sister Samy
Are you dating anyone = not at this time
Dream vaction place = Amsterdamn - obvious reasons
You wish you could live somewhere else = house in the woods or near water
You think about suicide = once in a great while
You believe in online dating = i've met a few guys from online but nothing serious
Others find you attractive = i hope so
You want more piercings = think im pierced out
You want more tattoos = yeah they are addicting
You drink = of course!!!!
You do drugs = Smoke pot
You smoke = not ciggerettes
You like cleaning = i hate it
You like roller coasters = hell yeah
You write in cursive or print = print
You carry a donor card = no

For or against...
Long distance relationships = for, been there done that
Using someone = dont mean to
Suicide = against
Killing people = against
Doing drugs = for marijuana
Premarital sex = for
Driving drunk = guilty as charged
Gay/lesbian relationships = for
Soap operas = who needs that shit?

Favorite...(at the moment)
Food = grilled cheese
song = Uncle Johns Band, The Dead
Thing to do = BONG HITS
Thing to talk about = gossip
Sports = baseball, or football
Drink = budlite, and pucker shots
clothes = jeans and a tee shirt
Movie = American History X or The Goonies
Band = Boy Sets Fire
Holiday = Christmas
Car = Tear Subaru Legacy

Have you...
Ever cried over a girl = yes
Ever cried over a guy = yes
Ever lied to someone = yes
Ever been in a fist fight = sorta
Ever been arrested = yes once

Shampoo do you use = Herbal Essance
Perfume do you use = CK1
Shoes do you wear = sandals
Are you scared of = dying

of times I have been in love? = not enough maybe 3
of times I have had my heart broken? = a few times
of hearts I have broken? = 1 or 2
of boys I have kissed? = i dunno...
of girls I have kissed? = a few
of men I've slept with? = under ten
of girls I've slept with? = a few
of continents I have lived in? = 1
of drugs taken illegally? = pot, mushrooms, acid... so 3
of people I would classify as true friends? = maybe 3
of people I consider my enemies? = no one I can think of
of people from high school that I stayed in contact with? = 5
of CD's that I own? = 50
of times my name has appeared in the newspaper? = once or twice
of scars on my body? = a few i am always hurting myself
of things in my past that I regret? = a few things

A - Appetizer of Choice: mozzarella sticks
B - Best Friend: lots of close friends, no-one to call my best
C - Choice of Meat: chicken
D - Dream Date: anywhere with someone special
E - Exciting Adventure: Im not very adventurous...
F - Favorite Food: pizza
G - Greatest Accomplishment: all this damn school i've gone through
H - Happiest Day of your life: I cant recall one of those...
I - Interesting Fact: More people have died from eating cheese than smoking weed! So put that slice of cheese down, TOKE UP!!!
J - Jokes: im a very humorous person
K - Kool-Aid: blue ice
L - Lover: missing one of lose at this time...
M - Marriage: Someday I hope too... No hurry though
N - Name: Melissa Michelle
O - Obsession: sex,drugs, porn, tattoos, etc...
P - Pizza toppings: pepperoni
Q - Question Asked the most: wanna smoke??? Pass the bong...
R - Radio Station: wplr 99.1
S - Sex: Who, Where... Send it my way...
T - Television Show: Simpons
U - Underwear: dont wear them
V - Video: Porn
W - Winter Activity: Catching snowflakes on my tongue!
X - X-ray: when I broke my leg
Y - Year born: 1978
Z - Zodiac sign: Aries

Things I Like:
A - Animals, art, apples, Adam Sandler
B - Butterflies, budlite, bonghits, ballhair
C - Cows, cherries, candles, candy
D - Drew barrymore, daisys, daydreaming
E - Elephants, email
F - Flirting, friends, feet
G - Gummy bears, girls
H - Hugs, hallucinogenics, hippies
I - Internet, ice cream
J - Jelly bellys, Jackass, junkfood
K - Kitties, kissing, kids
L - Laughing, Les Clapool, Las Vegas
M - Music, marijauna, massages
N - Nakedness, night time, nice guys, nerd rope
O - Orgasms, olives, Orgazmo movie
P - Piercings, porn, pictures, puppies
Q - Quickies, quiet-time
R - Rain, runts, rainbows, rollercoasters
S - Slurpees, sandals, simpsons
T - Tattoos, tickleing, thongs
U - Undies, unicorns
V - Vixens, velvet
W - Whip-its, watermelon
X - X-rays?
Y - Yawning, you
Z - ZigZags, zitti

We miss you Willis

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